Antivirus Usage Recommendations

If You Have Not Installed Anti-Virus Software Your PC May Crash.Kindly Do This At Once

  • If you have not installed Antivirus software then install TrendMicro Officescan Antivirus in your system from Click Here
  • If you have already installed ANY OTHER ANTIVIRUS (McAfee, Norton, eTrust, AVG etc..) then PLEASE REMOVE IT and install licensed version of TrendMicro Officescan from Click Here
  • Never keep TWO Antivirus software's in your system.
  • Trend-Micro Officescan Antivirus is updated daily and distributes updates automatically.
  • SCAN your system at least ONCE a WEEK.
  • Do not keep shared folders if it is not necessary.
  • Do not install pirated software's.
  • Do not use P2P file sharing softwares to download Music and Movie files.

NOTE: For further assistance please call at Server Farm on 232-56600 or GSWAN Ph: 50450