security & antivirus software guideline


Software & Security Guideline

Sr. No. Guideline Document
1 Government of Gujarat, GR No. SWN/132008-303097-DST dated 05.11.2009 Regarding Policy Guidelines for implementing security measures for eGovernance systems in the state. img(2825KB)
2 Government Websites img(2962KB)
3 CERT-In Guideline CISG-2003-01 Regarding Security Guidelines for stand-alone Computers and Computers connected to networks. img
4 Computer System Security Guideline img(339KB)
5 CERT-In Web Server Security Guideline img(238KB)
6 CERT-In Data base Server Security Guideline img (61KB)
7 Microsoft Server 2000 Advanced Server Security Guideline img(149KB)
8 Policy on Open Standards in eGovernance img (64KB)
9 Government of India, DIT, Presentation on Guideline for Website Security img(685KB)
10 The IT Act 2000 img(245KB)
11 The IT Amendment Act 2008 img
12 GAZETTE - NOTIFICATION - MGOV - Framework for Mobile Governance img(2349KB)
13 Face Image Data Standard for e-Governance Applications in India img(183KB)
14 Fingerprint Image and Minutiae Data Standard for e-Governance Applications in India img(165KB)
15 Government of India Notification for Metadata & Data Standards for Person identification and Land Region Codification img
16 Iris Image Data Standard For e-Governance Applications in India img(492KB)