IT Policy

Gujarat State Datacenter

  • Operational since : 2010
  • Critical infrastructure component for consolidation & hosting of eGoverance applications
  • India’s first State Data Center to become functional
  • Hosts all IT infrastructure of State Government on a common infrastructure
  • Consolidates IT Services, Applications and Infrastructure of different departments
  • Provides centralized services for
    • Secure Data Storage
    • Online Delivery of Citizen Information/Services Portal
    • State Intranet Portal
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Remote Management
    • Service Integration
    • IT Resource Management
  • Minimizes cost for ICT Deployment
  • Increases accessibility of data and services delivery of all government departments
  • Provides decentralized services to citizens
  • Includes 2600 sq.ft server & storage area, 900 sq.ft connectivity zone, 1000 sq.ft utility area & 2500 Sq.ft NOC Area.
  • Currently hosts applications of all departments.
  • ISO 20000 & 27001 Certified.
  • Gujarat first state to formulate policies for SDC

Future Plans

  • Making GSDC nation’s First Green SDC by ensuring effective & efficient energy utilization, with less carbon foot-print.
  • Hosting further applications on SDC