Integrated communication network

Sachivalaya Integrated Communication Network

  • Operational Since : 2000
  • Govt-owned network catering to the voice, data & video communication needs of government offices in Gandhinagar.
  • Biggest network of its kind in Asia
  • 100 kms of Optical Fibre and 150 kms of JFC form network backbone
  • Connects over 8900 Voice and 7500 Data Nodes
  • The Enterprise Communication Server routes voice transmissions and can connect to :
    • Private & public telephone networks
    • Ethernet LANs
    • ATM networks
    • Internet

The network has the following components:

  • Processor Port Network
  • Remote Units.
  • OFC and UTP Backbone
  • MDF and IDF
  • Patch Panels
  • Endpoint (Analog or Digital
The Diagram of Network Components

SICN Highlights

EPABX System AVAYA make Definity G3r.
Total Remote Units 12
Total Voice Connections 8912
Total Data Connections 8000
In coming Lines 180
Out Going Lines 480
Average Internal Calls (Daily) 1,85,000 Approx.
Average Incoming Calls (Daily) 20,000 Approx.
Average Outgoing Calls (Daily) 1,10,000 Approx.
Remote Units At New Sachivalaya, Old Sachivalaya, Vidhansabha,Sector 19, Sector 20, Udhyog Bhavan,Police Bhavan, Krishi Bhavan, BISAG
Total Offices Connected 298