Gujarat has been one of the frontline State in the implementation of e-governance policies & projects in India. Independent agencies have rated Gujarat as one of the most e-prepared State in the country. State Govt. has adopted innovative / progressive policies for promotion of e-governance in the State.

Gujarat is an aspiring leader with e-readiness Initiatives with the IT Policy. Gujarat has been position at L2 Stage in Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) which is categorized based on Environment, Readiness and Usage Applications. Awarded for Best e-Governance, Gujarat is a frontline State in the implementation of e-governance policies & projects and setting up of key infrastructure for E Governance.

E-Governance Initiatives

SWAGAT Online (State Wide Attention on Grievances through Application of Technology)

Swagat project is been hosted on every 4th Thursday of the month in the presence of Chief Minister in the Jansampark Department of his Chief Minister Office. In his presence with all the department heads and the district representatives, the grievance of the common man are addressed through Video conferencing and solutions are provided online to the common man immediately. All the department heads try to find the solution to the common man's problem in the best possible way. Of the Applications received, justice to 92.45% is done by the mutual united initiative since the implementation.

For More Information http://gil.gujarat.gov.in/swagat.html

e-Gram – Vishvagram

On the Birthday of Subhash Chandra Bose on 23rd January, CM launched the e-Gram Vishwagram Project from Haripura, the place where Subhash Chandra Bose had given call for freedom. This Project Initiates e-Gram Project connecting 13695 Gram Panchayats and 6000 Citizen Common Service Centres as a part of the eGram connectivity Project. Some features of e-Gram Project are Video conferencing facilities at all villages, issuing the documents and certificates, application forms for various development and welfare schemes. Also 7/12 certificates to the farmers from panchayats. VSat communication technology based broadband connectivity, free of cost communication between panchayats, common service facilities, advantages of Internet and cyber connectivity and electricity-telephone bills, visa, E-postal services and many more facilities are provided through the online e-Gram project website.

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e-Dhara enchances complete Computerization of Land Records across the state. Elimination of Manual Records, computer controlled mutation process and self sustainability are the leading objectives of e-Dhara system.

For More Information http://gil.gujarat.gov.in/edhara.html

Hospital Management Information System

HMIS is to build trust and confidence for the general hospitals in the hearts of the citizen of the state by providing efficient and quality health services through IT application. They streamline the Operations with improved Patient care and effective Administration and Control. HMIS project was conceptualized by the department of health & family welfare to ensure the quality health care by IT application to provide standard clinical & diagnostic tools, hospital management tools and integration of management information at the state level so as to ensure online review & monitoring. The Project is undertaken by Department of Health and Family welfare

For More Information http://www.gil.gujarat.gov.in/hmis.html


The Project undertaken by Revenue Department of GoG, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is the first Municipal Corporation in India to facilitate better performance of the delivery of municipal services like birth and death registration, building plan, primary health and education, city cleanliness, water supply, sewage, road, street-lights, parks and garden through e-governance to citizens of the city. For this Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has established six City Civic Centers located in five zones of Ahmedabad city and also created forty-three ward civic offices all these interconnected via intranet/ Internet connectivity. Citizens have the facility to pay through net/bank/ cyber café.

For More Information http://www.gil.gujarat.gov.in/ecity.html

IWDMS (Integrated Workflow and Document Management System)

Gujarat Government implements e-Governance as the tool to improve the Accountability, Transparency & Effectiveness in Government administration. The Integrated Workflow and Document Management System (IWDMS) project has been implemented for the same through automating the government functions and processes at all levels of the administrative hierarchy. GoG has given stress to Change Management and Top-down approach for successful implementation of IWDMS project. It provides Document Management, Workflow Management, Collaborative Environment and Knowledge Management in an integrated fashion and delivers an Electronic Workplace that result in productivity improvement in Government.

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VAT (Value Added Tax)

The Project implemented by Commissionerate of Commercial TAX, GoG, was initiated to ensure prompt capturing of data at its origination in digitized form so that the VAT administration could be more informed and controlled with a view to simplify Administrative procedures. It provides Efficient, Effective, Economical and Transparent Tax Administration. The project was initiated to ensure prompt capturing of data at its origination in digitized form so that the VAT administration could be more informed and controlled. As the VAT implementation process involving VAT returns, scrutiny, assessment and refunds get streamlined, it was envisaged that the data also gets digitized to help the administration have an in-depth analysis of information for better decision support w.r.t. strategizing the tax administration processes. Gujarat VAT Information System (VATIS) project is logically divided into various business services, shared services, MIS and House keeping.

For More Information http://www.gil.gujarat.gov.in/vat.html


e-Procurement system has been introduced for all purchases and procurements in all the Government departments, Boards/Corporations and Societies under the administrative control of the State Government and which are funded by Government. Roll out of e-Procurement was carried out in a phased manner starting from few works / items for limited Departments and later made compulsory to multiple items for many departments.

For More Information http://www.gil.gujarat.gov.in/eprocurement.html

SICN (Sachivalya Integrated Communication Network)

SICN is a network owned by Government of Gujarat for their Voice Communication needs. This network is spread in capital of Gujarat Gandhinagar connecting almost all the Govt. Boards & Corporations Offices.

For More Information http://gil.gujarat.gov.in/sinc.html

ICT and e readiness Initiatives

Gujarat is an aspiring leader with e readiness Initiatives with the IT Policy 2006-2011. All departments have prepared their IT Action Plan, which has a one-year focus and a five-year perspective. A fix part of the budget is committed to IT related activities. Each department has Chief Information Officer (CIO) who reports directly to Secretary of the department.

The IT Policy also showcase other features. IT enhances man power skills, collobarations and Business promotions. Mega Projects, IT Parks, SEZ and spaces for IT/ITES promotions. Power exemptions for large units, financial assistance are other areas focused upon. Distance Learning and Education is yet another Initiative that takes a major uplift. Optimum use of existing educational infrastructure, including distance learning through satellite communication facilities is available at Bhaskaracharaya Institute for Space Application and Geo-informatics (BISAG).

For More Information http://www.home.gujarat.gov.in

Gujarat State Data Centre

Government of Gujarat has set up Gujarat State Data Center (GSDC) at Bureau of Economics and Statistics operational in Gandhinagar, the State capital since October 2008. GSDC includes 2600 sq.ft of server & storage area, 600 sq.ft of connectivity zone and 1300 sq.ft of control room & utility area. GSDC has been connected to all the Government offices through GSWAN infrastructure.

Gujarat State Data Centre will act as a mediator and convergence point between open unsecured public domain and sensitive government environment. The GSDC has been equipped to host / co-locate systems such as Web Servers, Application Servers, Database Servers, SAN, and NAS etc.

GSDC will provide many functionalities such as Central Repository of the State, Secure Data Storage, Online Delivery of Citizen Information/Services Portal, State Intranet Portal, Disaster Recovery, Remote Management and Service Integration etc. GSDC would also provide better operation & management control and minimize overall cost of Data Management, IT Resource Management, Deployment and other costs.

To provide decentralized delivery of services to the citizens in the state, Government of Gujarat has also set up four Mini Data Centres at Mahesana, Rajkot, Surat and Vadodara.

For More Information http://www.gil.gujarat.gov.in/gsdc.html


Government of Gujarat has established the Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geo-informatics (BISAG) in the year 1997, earlier known as Remote Sensing and Communication Centre (RESECO) as a state level nodal agency, operating under Department of Science and Technology of Govt. of Gujarat. It is persistently making efforts to enhance the growth and development of the state through its multidimensional activities.

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