Government of Gujarat, Department of Science and Technology had taken initiative and achieved upgradation of Lease Line bandwidth for all the users of GSWAN in all District Collector Office (District Head Quarter) to State Data Center (State Head Quarter) from 34 Mbps to 500 / 250 Mbps effectively from March 17, 2016 Also upgraded Lease Line Bandwidth of all 248 Taluka Mamalatdar office (Block Head Quarter) to District Collector Office (District Head Quarter) from 200 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Under the National Knowledge Network NKN Project of Government of India, the Government of Gujarat has upgraded the GSWAN network to a Smart Ultra High Bandwidth network and provided 20Gbps Internet Bandwidth that seamlessly interconnects the various Gujarat Government Department located in the 33 Districts and 248 Talukas of Gujarat and the leading Scientific and Technological institutions - which are pursuing world-class research and development. NKN is a state-of-the-art multi-gigabit pan-India network for providing a unified high speed network backbone for all knowledge related institutions in the country.